The Menzshed  is open to the public every Tuesday between 1 and 3pm. There will be a small annual subscription, or a cost for each visit. For further information contact Ian on 3425375. We have now moved to a new venue  at Middlepark Motels, Main South Road. We are grateful to Rannerdale for making space available over the last three years, but they are now seriously short of space, so we have moved!

To find us,  come up the Middlepark Motels drive to the car parking area. The shed is the large building on your left, just to the left of the motel reception office.  We’re best set up for woodworking with power and hand tools. Bring a project, join in with something that is already under way, or just drop in for a look and a chat.

Spring 2017 update:

The Riccarton Menzshed has been operating for nearly two years now.  Originally it was planned to locate the shed at St Ninian’s but it was not possible to find a suitable location for it.  Rannerdale War Veteran’s Home in Hansons Lane came to the rescue with an offer to use what was their maintenance shed.  This was already equipped with suitable machinery and although a bit on the small size met most of our requirements.

The shed operates weekly on Tuesday from 1.00pm and members do either a personal project, help with a shed project or simply come along for a chat and cuppa.

Community projects completed include a noticeboard for the Paeora Reserve, a gateway into a wild flower project adjacent to the railway line on Riccarton Road, a series of props for team games the Riccarton Community Police organised as a get to know your neighbours , wooden Christmas trees, and toy repairs for the Riccarton Toy Library.  Work for the Toy Library is ongoing and we are presently making a set of baby bunks for them.  We will continue helping them and others who request assistance.

The photographs below are of two of the numerous activities at the Riccarton Community day using props made at the Menzshed: