Monthly Archives: March 2021

A Nameless Woman

Palm-Passion Sunday B 2021:

Today we’ve heard a story that’s familiar to many of us – the story of the woman who anointed Jesus. It’s a story that’s often mis-read, misinterpreted, and mis-remembered. We can be so much influenced by familiarity, or by what we thought we learned in Sunday School, that we can miss deeper and richer meanings. Continue reading A Nameless Woman

A Covenant to Keep

Lent 5B 2021

As we get closer to Good Friday in our Lenten journey, the Gospel readings get darker. We can no longer avoid the shadow of the cross. Jesus moves inexorably towards a terrifying death and we – we stand on the edge of the precipice trying to avert our gaze from danger. It’s just as well that there are still some flashes of light and hope in the Lenten readings that we catch out of the corners of our eyes. Continue reading A Covenant to Keep


28 2021: Lent 2B 2021 Expectations!

We’re back with covenants and expectations. Last week we had Noah starting over again in a new environment and Jesus setting off for Jerusalem.  This is the week for Abram and Sarai and Peter. Our Lenten readings are a challenging mix! Well, that’s not surprising. Lent is a challenging mix! Outside the churches, no one pays much attention to it except in the supermarkets when the hot cross buns and the Easter eggs come onto the shelves. Lent in the so-called ‘Christian’ western countries isn’t like the season of Ramadam in Islamic nations when the rules about diet are much more part of everyday life for everyone. Continue reading Expectations