Monthly Archives: November 2020

O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Mark 13: 27-37. Advent 1 2020

The particular challenge of Advent is that many of our friends and neighbours, and possibly some of us as well, don’t really want to use this as a time to pause and reflect. The waiting time of Advent sits in rather uncomfortable juxtaposition with the desire to roll out the bells and whistles, and carols, and hurry the season along. There’s something to be said for the old tradition of clearing the church for Christmas – and that included even the flowers! Some religious orders still observe Advent as a season of fasting – forget the parties. They use the time to pause, and clear away the clutter of everyday life, and sweep the house clean for the coming of the Messiah. Continue reading O Come, O Come Emmanuel

Be Prepared

Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25

This passage comes from Joshua’s second farewell speech.  Joshua gathers all the people together and challenges them to choose their God—Yahweh or the other gods they have worshiped in the past.  The people choose Yahweh and Joshua reminds them of the implications of that choice, it is a choice of total commitment without any extra gods for good measure or even extra god’s to keep up past family or tribal traditions. Continue reading Be Prepared


Here we are, a small congregation set down in a largely indifferent community, wondering where to now? What do we do with our ministry, our community, our buildings? Where to next? And yet we’re called to walk tall, and keep that shining hope alive and burning. But – we’re not the first to feel hugely anxious about our church, and we won’t be the last. Since its beginnings, our Christian Church has moved through many changes, and many new beginnings. We’re always called to hope, not despair. And sometimes, remembering the past can help us to look forward. Continue reading Re-Formation