Monthly Archives: June 2020

Meetings With Angels

Genesis 18: 1-15

The chapter begins by saying that Yahweh appeared to Abraham.  However, Abraham lacks the reader’s insight nevertheless his first reaction to the arrival of strangers is to offer hospitality and as a result he finds himself entertaining God.  This finding God in hospitality to strangers is also in Luke’s Emmaus Road incident.  Readers who have been following this story will know that Abraham was seventy-five when he began his journey and age again features in this section telling us, that like Abraham and Sarah, it is important for us not to get tangled up in the biological plausibility but learn from the story. Continue reading Meetings With Angels

New Fire

Pentecost A 2020

How often do you stop and think about something you just said, and wonder, now just exactly what did I mean by that? We have our routine rituals of greeting and parting. ‘How are you?’ ‘How’s life?’ Or, these days, ‘How’s your lockdown been?’ Do we really want to know – in detail? Continue reading New Fire