Monthly Archives: April 2020

Right to Doubt?

John 20:19-31. Easter 2.

I’ve spent a lot of time this week with Walter Brueggemann (there’s a row of his books on my shelves). And one of the things he said caught my mind. He has a heading: “How long was Easter Sunday?” ??! I’m still brooding over this one, but I think I’m beginning to find a way through. Our four Gospels all make it sound as though everything happened in a rush after the pause on Easter Saturday. There was a body in a tomb. There was a silence. And suddenly – there was Jesus among them. But – was it so sudden for the whole community of Jesus’ followers? Continue reading Right to Doubt?

The Blessing of Easter

A sermon on John 20:1-18.

Easter Day. The day that turns a terrible Friday into Good Friday. The day that completes the circle of blessing, in spite of all the attempts by the powers of darkness to turn it into cursing. It’s our most significant festival, – without Easter there wouldn’t be the people called Christian. No wonder the early church made this a 50-day season! They needed that much time to celebrate, and to think about the significance of this central mystery of our faith! It’s more than just joyful services on Easter Sunday. Something amazing happened at Easter. It changed forever the way we understand God, and we need time in every generation to come to grips with it. Continue reading The Blessing of Easter

The parade comes to town.

Palm/Passion Sunday

Here we are, about to begin Holy Week and remembering a long-ago parade through Jerusalem. Why do we remember it? And why, after years of calling it Palm Sunday, many churches now use the title ‘Palm Passion Sunday. In the time span of the service we move from celebration to despair; from a joyful expectation to a space of shadows, treachery and death. What do we do with this prelude to Holy Week? Continue reading The parade comes to town.