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The Unexpected Arrival

Isaiah 1: 1, 10-20

The reading begins with the opening verse of the book which introduces the prophet and then skips to the particular passage to focus on.  Isaiah is regarded as a collection of writings rather than the work of one prophet at one time so there are a series of introductions throughout the book and a number of time frames involved.

Maurice Andrew says that verses 10-15 came from a time when Jerusalem enjoyed prosperity and, although it is common to see this reading as a condemnation of sacrificial worship, we need to note that the people’s prayer is also condemned.  Therefore, it is more likely that the prophet is condemning the lifestyle of the people that makes their worship hypocritical rather than the particular form of the worship.[1] Continue reading The Unexpected Arrival

Stepping into the River

by the Rev Ian Crumpton

It was the Greek philosopher Heraclitus the Obscure who said “You can’t step in the same river once, because it’s changing as you step.” We live on a volatile, changing  planet – and if it wasn’t that way we wouldn’t be here. Christchurch is in the throes of change since suffering a major earthquake, and a horrifying terrorist attack.  St Ninians is in the throes of change, as a ministry ends and another begins. I’ve been doing some editing of our history. Change has always been part of it: a living church. There is no still point. Continue reading Stepping into the River