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Plumb-lines and Neighbours

It was a cold winter night and a lawyer, who had been working late in the city, walked briskly towards the carpark building.  His mind was filled with the case he was working on for a family who was struggling to get a fair settlement on their earthquake damaged house.  He was also aware that he was much later than he had promised he would be and there were family issues to be discussed at home.  So, he was not paying much attention to his surroundings and failed to notice the odour of alcohol and a certain illicit substance as he turned into the entrance way of the parking building. Therefore, he found himself confronted by a group of somewhat anti-social people. Continue reading Plumb-lines and Neighbours

Living in the Bubble of the Present

2 Kings 5, 1 – 14: Naaman cured of leprosy through Elijah.

This is one of the more gripping stories in Hebrew Scripture: The commander of a powerful army,   is used to calling the shots and getting his own way. The Arameans, whom he serves, are not good at eating humble pie! But something has happened that is beyond this general’s power to do anything about. Nor can his king, or all the king’s horses or all the king’s men. In desperation, he is forced into real humility – not once, but twice! First comes the advice of a mere girl, and worse, a foreign girl, a girl from Israel. So his boss, the King of Aram sends him to Israel, along with some massive gifts for the King. But then, humble pie again! it is only the intervention of his servants that bring this very human story to a happy ending. Continue reading Living in the Bubble of the Present