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Coming to our Senses:On Board the Peace Train

Luke 15:1-3;11b-32

 Some of you, like I did, will have attended the Memorial Service in Hagley Park on Friday. Some of you will have watched it on TV or on live stream. No doubt, like I did, you will have reflected on the words spoken, songs sung, the people, and the dignified, gracious and heart filled moments. I wrote to a friend that afternoon, “Who’d have thought, back in 1970-71 when I listened to Cat Steven’s album Tea for the Tillerman,over and over again singing along to the songs including Peace Train – who’d have thought that almost 50 years later I would hear him sing it live at an occasion such as Friday’s Memorial service? Continue reading Coming to our Senses:On Board the Peace Train

Are we not your Neighbours?

A Message from Rev Dr Clive Pearson: Sunday, 10th March 2019
(Clive is a former minister of St Ninians)
Readings: Job 23, 1-9; 16-17, and Luke 10, 25 – 27.

Towards the end of last year we received a dire warning. That’s what the headlines screamed across the ditch. That should not have been too surprising, of course. We have become so used to extreme rhetoric of late where fake news and alternative facts trump common sense and diplomatic reserve. And across the Tasman we now seem to wake up each morning wondering who our Prime Minister is.  It’s a great time to be a cartoonist. But these headlines had nothing to do with these constant companions. Continue reading Are we not your Neighbours?

What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?

 This morning we gather for worship on the second Sunday of Lent, in great sorrow for and solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters, our city, our nation. We gather for worship at a time that fellow New Zealander’s have been denied that right. It is Lent but in the light of Friday afternoon’s shootings in two mosques in Christchurch it feels like we’ve fast-forwarded to Good Friday. The children’s game, What’s the Time Mr. Wolf, is no longer just a bit of fun. The wolf is snapping at our heels. Continue reading What’s the Time Mr. Wolf?