Monthly Archives: December 2018

Strength for a Different Future

Luke 1: 39-55

As we continue to follow songlines for Advent let’s spend some time thinking about Mary, the mother of Jesus and her particular songline, that the author of Luke’s gospel provides in the infancy narrative.  When Mary, no doubt somewhat overwhelmed by her pregnancy and at the mercy of rumour and gossip – the 1stC equivalent of social media – journeyed to visit her pregnant cousin Elizabeth – they shared a moment (to use a colloquial phrase). Continue reading Strength for a Different Future

One of Many

 Philippians 4: 4-7

Today we celebrate the baptism of Lukas Campbell Visser and welcome his extended family to New Zealand. One thing I can say with complete conviction – babies change lives. Yet somehow each year we go through Advent and prepare for Christmas – a celebration that is built around the birth of a child – with no real expectation that anything will change. Continue reading One of Many

Gratitude and Grizzles; the paradoxes of Advent

 Luke 21: 25-36

Those who are children of the 70’s will be familiar with Kahil Gibran’s Desiderata. Some of you may also have read his book, The Prophet, a series of poems on a variety of topics.  In one of those Gibran describes how joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin. This week I thought quite a bit about how gratitude and grizzles are often two sides of the same coin and by a somewhat lateral process I ended up reflecting on the both/and nature of Advent. Continue reading Gratitude and Grizzles; the paradoxes of Advent